This young male was 5 weeks old
In this photo. He weighed 10 pounds
At 8 weeks of age. Quite the little
Stocky fellow. He is owned by
Jennifer Develis. Bred by Burzs
Rat Terriers.

Granite Oaks Noble Attitude
Owned by Paula Francis
Bred by Guy Chatterton

Granite Oaks Jess Right
Owned and bred by Paula Francis

Sire Toby  and Duchess Maggie Mae
Bred by Nomiss Rat Terriers
Owned by Sharon Rinehart

Bear Tuff Stella as pup owned by
Dereth Wyllie

Treeing dogs owned by
Danielle Atencio Kupfer

Dog Pile relaxing
Owned by Ellis Decker

Owned by Marcy Johnson

Owned by Jaime Ellsworth 
(C)copyright photo